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Our Leaders


Dr. James L. Morman

Senior Pastor at Christian Tabernacle Church

Dr. James L. Morman organized Christian Tabernacle Church in 1986, and has served as Pastor since its inception. He preaches and teaches the Word with challenging conviction to all people, and has a passion to see people live holy lives filled with an abundance of Godly rewards. Dr. Morman inspires many along his wife Loretta, and children: Sonya, and Loretta A. With a ministry focus of helping the disenfranchised, he was given a vision to expand ministry beyond the boundaries of spiritual praise and worship. His vision of Legacy is in motion with many programs and ministries geared toward community outreach, evangelism, social and economic growth.

Dr. Morman has received numerous corporate honors and certificates of recognition in sales, marketing, investments and community. As a Registered Advisor and Stock Broker he has more than 30 years of financial planning experience and business development.



Loretta Morman

Our First Lady & Administrator


Recognized by Pastor Morman as his “only lady,” Loretta Morman is CTAB’s head administrator and a Michigan Chronicle 2017 Woman of Excellence. Married to Metro Detroit Pastor Dr. James L. Morman for 33 years, the two have successfully operated in ministry for over 31 years and raised three children, Sonya, James II and Loretta A.

Powered with multiple degrees in Education, Business and Psychology, she maintains the daily operations of the church, its many programs and various ministries. With a passion for children and child development pursued through her work in ministry and throughout Metro Detroit, Morman’s transparent and compassionate approach enables people of all ages to understand the importance of the Word of God and how it is applicable to their everyday lives.

She strives daily to serve God earnestly and with a spirit of excellence, both within and outside the walls of the church. For more information about Loretta Morman visit her Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram channels.

A successful marriage doesn’t come easily. In Five Ways Men Want Women to Bloom, author Loretta Morman provides a Christian-based guide to making a marriage work. She provides firsthand evidence of how changes in a wife’s attitude and thinking can alter her husband’s behavior, and improve the marriage.


"Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding." Jeremiah 3:15 NLT

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